• 8pm ? Meeting called to order Attendance & Intros: Jennifer Apodaca ? Scow Fleet Captain, Matt Nelson, Tech Fleet Captain, Corey Kunzer ? Retired windsurfing dude, Jessica Wallace ? Vice Commodore, Michele Lorenz ? Windsurfing Fleet Captain, Matt Schmidt ? Sailing Team Co-Captain, Eli Lechter ? Unknown, Muru ? Education Rep, Mike Larsen ? Commodore, Christopher Frye ? Light Keelboat Fleet Captain, Jenny Dahllsey ? Hoofer Council President, Jason Mitchell ? Secretary, Tristan Sather ? Heavy Keepboat Captain, Collin Maxwell ? 420 Fleet Captain, Anne Porter ? Sailing Team Co-Captain, James Dunham ? Sailing team rep, Hugh Sugar ? Instructor, David Bunck ? Laser Fleet Captain, Jim Rogers ? Head of Instruction.
  • Finalized Positions ? Positions that are open, Marketing, 3 Dontains, Race Coordinator.
  • LARSEN ? Information on new website
  • LARSEN ? Calendars & How the BOC Works

    • BOC is not above the rules, and needs to be a good example to everyone of how the club should work
    • When at a BOC meeting, we?re not here to argue so try to take the best points of someone else?s argument instead of trying to counter everything they said
    • Rules of Order ? New business is presented but not voted on until next meeting in order to give everyone time to think about it and prepare any arguments. If something needs to be voted on right away, a 2/3rds vote can overturn this
    • A proposal is first made, then seconded and a majority vote passes it

      • It is requested proposals be submitted in writing to avoid confusion and inconstancies between what was proposed and what was written down.

  • The later half of the meeting will be a closed session to discuss issues with a Member
  • Discussed Pier Collapse
  • All Hoofers Kickoff 7:00 pm Great Hall ? 7:45 Hoofers in trip commons

    • Goal this year is 1266 members ? 400 new members ? to maintain $99/$129 yearly fee

  • HUGH SUGAR ? Piers ? Sloop & Tech Piers were not meant to last this long, not safe. We need to look into possible redesign and replacement, or repairing them and making them safe.
  • The shop is too busy with piers, techs, and motors to do regular maintenance.
  • JIM ROGERS - Instruction Update
  • Looking for new head of shop

    • 2 Parts of it, can be separate people or same ? Admin(ordering & hours, etc) and Maintenance

  • Larsen ? Limiting voting members on BOC


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