• 7:30 ? Intros
  • What people at the union do and who they are

    • Janice ? Room reservations etc
    • Tara ? Teaching, instruction etc
    • Mark Kennedy ? Marketing
    • People in the outdoor programs Office
    • Mentioned Mendota Room was available for meetings

  • 8:04 Meeting started Attendance ? Jason Mitchell ? Secretary, Chandra Hinton ? Donations, Abby Jenkins ? Social Coordinator, Dan Acheson ? Social Coordinator, Jessica Wallace ? Vice Commodore, Michele Lorenz ? Windsurfing Fleet, Case Collins ? Treasurer, Jennifer Apodaca ? Scow Fleet Captain, David Bunck ? Coolest, Most Popular in the world, fastest growing fleet ever (Lasers), Eli Lechter ? Marketing Guy??, Tristan Sather ? Heavy Keelboats, Corey Kunzer ? Only here for food, Muru ? Education Rep, Mike Schenike ? Council Education, Collin Maxwell ? 420, Mike Larsen ?Commodore, Chris Frye ? Light Keelboats, Jenny Dahlberg ? Council President, Tara Cordes ? Staff & Education Training, Janice Johnson ? Central Reservations, Susan Dibell ? Advisor, Matt Nelson ? Techs, James Dunham ? Sailing team rep, Seth Smith ? Badger Sloops
  • Passed old minutes around for everyone to look at them
  • Motion by COLIN MAXWELL to grant Bruce Gabert free membership for his work on the piers Seconded by CHRIS FRYE ? Passed by majority vote
  • Discussed having a kickoff on May 26 & possibly one before it.

    • Moving the kickoff on the 26th to a smaller room

  • Thoughts & Plans for the year

    • Fleet captains

      • Schematics for boats. Design, how long the lines are, sheets, halyards etc. Make for easy replacement of parts ? standardized
      • Complete working order by start of season

  • Discussed how to structure boc meetings. Smaller groups orlarge meeting
  • COLIN MAXWELL brought up possibility of having a private message board & Calendar for the boc to discuss issues on.
  • Mike Larsen gave a status report on the website.
  • All club emails to be going out on Mondays
  • Discussed 420 racing.

    • Corey wants a regatta for the high school students on Oct 3rd

  • JEN APODACA ? Discussed the sloop pier collapse

    • Working on a committee to assess and then replace/repair the piers
    • Under water assessment of the piers coming week
    • DNR Approval required if we replace everything
    • Working on getting Cost estimates
    • Felix is attending a Marina & Pier design conference hosted by a member of the alumni association

  • Went around and had people tell us their plans for the year
  • Discussed socials

    • Possible bars ? Hoofers night, the Majestic & Porthole

  • Brought up donation of I-20

    • Motion by CHANDRA HINTON to accept it, seconded by ELI LECHTER

  • New Business

    • Grand Pooh-Bah moved to next meeting

  • Motion by JEN APODACA to approve old minutes, seconded by CHRIS FRYE. Passed by majority vote
  • Motion by DAVID BUNCK to adjourn, Seconded by JEN APODACA, passed.


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