Meeting 1/24 ? Attendance ? Jason Mitchell, Matt Nelson, C.A. Frye, Michelle Meyer, Muru Senthilvelan, Jennifer Apodaca, Paul Exner, David Bunck, Eli Lechter, Tristan Sather, Casey Collins, Mike Larsen, Chandra Hinton, Matt Schmidt, Dane Vermillian, Michele Lorenz, Jessica Wallace, Jim Rodgers

  • 8:06 ? Called to order
  • Mike gave an update on the website & asked we look at it and give feedback
  • Feb 26th & 27th we have tripp commons to to go through the sails, inventory, sort, discard etc

    • 10-6 Saturday
    • Noon ? 6 Sunday

  • We are now tax exempt

    • Still not sure if we?ll get previous years money back, but hopeful

  • Replacement Head of Instruction Application

    • Muru went over it
    • Discussed including something about adaptive sailing
    • Feedback was requested w/in a week

  • Prize for union poker tournament

    • Unanimous that it was ok to give a membership for it

  • Feb 5th Winter Ball ? UWMBDA coming for the first part, after fireworks, lessons @ 7-8, 8:30 dimensions in sound
  • Interim Head of Instruction Discussion

    • Discussino of hiring committee and the new head/interim head of instruction?s roll on that
    • Read Applications for Eli, Anne, Paul
    • Recommendation by Jim for Anne & Eli
    • Anne ? Interim head of instruction with Eli as her Assistant ? No Objections

  • Application Form Changes (Former Membership Form)

    • Changes to application to allow removals if needed
    • Additional lines, still needs to be reviewed by UW legal
    • We have the option not to approve because it now has a spot for approval.

      • Immediate acceptance until disaprovoal

    • Discussion of donation lines à
      Allow for stats on donations

  • Piers

    • Windsurfing

      • Discussion of how high off the water

    • Motion by BUNCK ? Seconded by LECHTER to allow for further investigation into the plans by Jen & Bruce, etc
    • Discussion of floating pier, to move it straight out
    • Committee to meet & consult on piers

  • New business ? Accounting structure for the sailing teams
  • Next time

    • Update on goals
    • Brainstorm to bring in non students
    • Mail to incoming freshmen?s parents about sailing club

  • Education committee meeting on Thursday
  • Acceptance of donation of a computer
  • Adjourned at 10


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