Minutes ? 2/21

Attendance: Jason Mitchell, Jes Wallance, Michelle Meyer, Anne Porter, Felix Bierbaum,
Eli Lechter, Michele Lorenz, Matt Schmidt, Tristan Sather, Mike Larsen, Jen Apodaca,
Susan Dibbell, Jonathan Gapen, Chris Fye

  • Dan Schultz & another gentleman from Lake Menona Sailing Club stopped by to
    request our support in a proposal to the county to add a no wake zone by the Ohara River

    • It requires Dane County Board approval in april
    • Everyone was in favor of supporting

  • Pier Updates

    • Felix and Jen bought up some possible Design Changes
    • They?re looking for a possible different placement of stringers

___________________ Instead of ______________________

    • It would cost about the same (Same amount of lumber)
    • Would require more storage area
    • Lowest recommended plan supports 50 lbs/ sqr foot, max of 250 lbs/sqr foot
    • After much discussion everyone decided to keep the current design in light of possible
      storage concerns. It was also brought up that we?ve been using the current design for 25 years
      and haven?t had any incidents related to the stringers etc failing

  • Pier Schedule

    • Plan is to call richard at the union regarding storage
    • Question was raised if we could store stuff on the alumni pier ? most likely
    • We need everything ready by May
    • 23rd of April is scheduled for pier in
    • Start in middle of March ? Have 1 saw, possibly 2
    • Need to figure out how to make space for everything

      • 4-5 week block for cutting sections

    • Need 3 weeks for pier-in itself
    • Get it all cut first, and then assemble it later as time allows

  • Marketing

    • 93.1 ? Free advertisement for 6 months
    • Will use at least 5 memberships
    • Barnett 14 is going to be up for raffle
    • There will be ground schools offered with a short ride on sloop/keelboats afterwards
    • End of April ? Higher membership rates if we don?t hit target numbers
    • Brouchers will be ordered this week

  • Think about fleet plans for next time

    • More regular work parties

  • Will be looking into our food policies & needs
  • Head of instruction Hiring Committee & process

    • Want 6 members on board, have 4-5 for sure
    • Now ? Muru, Mike L, Anne P, Susan
    • Possible ? Katherine, Tristan, Andy, Don Hanna, John Kirsh, Randy Mullist, Hugh Sugar
    • John was selected as #1, Katherine as #2 for the first opening, and Don Hanna as #1 and
      Randy Mullis as #2 for the second

      • They will be contacted and see if they?re willing to help

  • Meeting Adjourned


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