Minutes 2/7

  • Attendance: Jason Mitchell, Chris Frye, Mike Larsen, Casey Collins, Jim Rogers, Matt Schmidt, Anne Porter, Michele Lrenz, Eli Lechter, Frank, Jen Apodaca, Muru, Jes Wallace, Michelle Meyer, Jonathan Gapen, Chandra.
  • Casey announced his resignation from treasurer
  • Went over the Head of Instruction Application

    • Asked to look over it
    • Discussion of Adaptive Sailing Section
    • Motion by MURU, seconded by ELI to approve application

      • Passed w/ no objections

  • Head of Instruction Hiring Committee

    • Suggestion of same committee as instructor with addition of a union member to sit on it.
    • Recommended ? They do interviews etc, pass on recommendations to BOC

      • Objections to this ? Boc wouldn?t have enough information to make an informed decision

    • Suggested of a more diverse hiring committee ? Felix was suggested
    • Issues brought up and discussed with having the same committee hiring instructors and also head of instruction
    • Discussion of the process of hiring (who makes final decision, boc, committee)
    • Deferred until next meeting

  • Sailing team financial relationship with the club

    • Read over the request
    • Discussed how collection will occur

      • Can put a hold on student records

    • All good in good years, active participation, but will it be ok in bad years
    • General consensus against not having a cap

      • Discussion of cap
      • Possible scaling of Cap to membership size for transportation expenses

    • After all is said and done, roughly lose ~70/80 per head
    • It was mentioned that due to recent incidents, the van fee has raised ~60%
    • Suggestion to offer more scholarships for people who afford to join the team, allowing more people to join
    • Sailing team will finalize the proposal with solid numbers and the relationship with the BOC, including assessment of accountability for cash (before nationals? when else)

  • Pier Renewal

    • Estimates/Actuals were passed around by Jen
    • Mike mentioned they will e going to the union asking for money since they had said they would help before
    • Need to do at least what is currently outlined for saftey reasons
    • Questions about the Sealing of pier sections ? Will be looked into, but don?t think we need to

  • Minutes from last meeting were approved
  • Marketing Update

    • Radio give aways of membership, in exchange for strategic placement of ads aimed to increase memberships ? Up to 5 approved.
    • Ground schools being offered with free sailing after
    • Brochures need to be finished

      • Aiming for $.60/broucher ? Down a lot from last year
      • Pricing info will be referred to website because of possible upcoming changes

    • April 28th kickoff

  • Head of Instruction structure discussion

    • LTE vs other arrangements
    • Issues w/ hourly rate & limited hrs inhibiting contributions

      • Limited to 1080 hours

    • LTE ? would need 2 positions to work year round
    • Classified/Academic

      • Insurance expense

        • Possibility of $1,000 a month for benefits, would need 1400 members to be able to support that

    • More discussion on pros/cons of LTE

      • If we don?t go LTE right now we can?t do all of our other projects

        • Really need to do the pier renewal
        • Really want to be able to replace the techs at a cost of $280-300k, 40k/yr for fleet replacement
        • w/o rebate looking at a $100k defecit already

      • Max of 21k for LTE

        • Double that for academic status

      • Going to be looked into ? possible transitionary position ? increased pay cap
      • With LTE position and people changing, not staying around, will be a loss of continuity between the years, might not get lucky with someone who wants to stick around, and may not attract as many qualified individuals.

    • Motion by ELI, seconded by MITCHELL to approve LTE for current application (ie: until September and re-evaluate for the future) No objections

  • Donations

    • 1984 Melgis ? Sails, Trailor

      • Motion by MITCHELL, seconded by MICHELLE to Accept ? Passed with no objections

  • Motion by ELI, seconded by CHRIS to adjourn - Passed


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