Minutes 3/21

Attendance: Jason Mitchell, Mike Larsen, Matt Schmidt, Aaron Mann, Liz Pranges, Scott Eisenhardt, Chandra Hinton, Tristan Sather, Muru Senthilvelan, Jonathan Gapen, Jessie Cance, Jim Rogers, Chris Frye

  • Sailing Team Trip Recap
  • Sailing team

    • Host high school regatta Sat 21st of May

      • Extra Insurance Concerns

    • Discussion of Budget Changes

      • New Coach
      • Van fee increase & cap
      • Regatta Fees

    • Talked about new coach

      • Reasons behind wanting one

    • Discussion of Fund Raising
    • Opened for discussion

      • 3700 (+1300 increase) --> 5000 Travel Cap
      • Would need 63 members for Breaking even with new budget changes
      • Requested changes are 2.5x amount we bring in from sailing team membership dues and fees
      • We are currently approximately break even with them
      • They?re looking for paul exner as the coach

  • Friday Night Social

    • Gear up for spring ? Paul Bunyon Room

  • New application for membership review
  • Sign up online being organized, coming together well
  • Membership cards

    • Separate card with barcode, information stored online

  • Lift-in dates

    • Possibly during instructor training weekend ? sunday?
    • Depends on availability of pins

  • Instructor Hiring Update ? 27 paid full time

    • 30 interviews
    • 36 volunteer ? 14 full time, 26 part time, 4 very part time
    • Muru ? "All qualified instructors with good attitudes were offered positions"
    • Request was made for a breakdown of instructors in fleets (Specifically related to light & heavy keelboat fleets)
    • Question raised about why we turned down qualified volenteer instructors

  • More on the application form
  • Regular Work Parties every week, or every other week
  • Adjourned


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