Minutes 3/7

Attendance: Jason Mitchell, Matt Schmidt, Matt Nelson, Muru, Chandra Hinton, Jess wallace, Tristan Sather, Chris Frye, Jonathan Gapen, Mike Larsen, Mark Guthier, Jen Apodaca, Anne Porter

  • Updates

    • Threw out a bunch of old scow decking etc
    • Future Membership cards ? Online signup, online picture, bar code
    • Online sale of memberships is nearing completion

  • Mark on the Master Plan

    • Bring things up to code
    • Preserve History
    • Improve heating/ac
    • new roof/windows etc
    • More room for people (We have 60k on campus and 38k off campus)
    • 6 million in seg fees ? building use, custodial, facilites

      • revenue ? Improve food services etc
      • $3 increase in seg fees first 4 years ? planning
      • $10 after that ? 10 years

        • rest from private gifts

    • Possible Public Marina
    • Possibly rebuild union south
    • Likely 07-09 Planning for west wing

      • Year after hoofers 75th aniv

    • $1mil possible for new piers, etc
    • Need to be able to still lift in/out keelboats
    • Pier lengths are currently grandfathered in, may need to be considered

  • Safety

    • Discussion of Changes
    • Blue/Red flags discussed
    • Moved by MURU ? Seconded by TRISTAN to approve changes ? Passed with no objections

  • Donations

    • No to old windsurfer

  • All club quarterly meeting update

    • Currently scheduled during spring break
    • Rescheduling for weekend afternoon

  • Lumber coming pre-cut in 2 weeks

    • cost $300 for cutting

  • Motion by JEN to adjourn ? seconedby MITCHELL


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