Start time: 8:30pm

Present: Brad Strock (Commodore)

Micah Kearns (Marketing and PR Chair)

Margaux Stutz (420, Sailing Team Rep)

Ian Buck (Laser/Byte Fleet Captain)

Tom Barry (Head of Instruction)

Rich Pang (Windsurfing Fleet Captain)

Haley Abbott (Volunteer Coordinator)

Dierk Polzin (Racing Captain)

Dan Siedlecki (Keelboat Captain)

Phil Wittig (Treasurer)

Joe Ricker (J Fleet Captain)

Justin Cherniak (Education Rep)

Jesse Pfammatter (Maintenance Rep)

Michelle Czarnecki (Scow Fleet Captain)

Andy Marin

Nick Kratzke (Tech/Sloop Fleet Captain)

Jim Rogers (Hoofer Advisor)

Agenda Items

  • Approved minutes; agenda approved

New Board Member

  • Haley Abbott, lift-out and now pier-out

Commodore’s Report

  • Dave stepped down due to health concerns; Kiting Fleet Captain position open.
  • Please continue to stay involved, especially by checking your emails.
  • Trail Ride in next month; conjunction with Riding Club (no interest if $55)
  • Discussion: new process of selling small items (under $500)
  • Justin moves to authorize the sale of small items (under $500) via email such that said email (item, buyer, price, estimated value) will be sent out to the Commodore and then forwarded to the BOC: if within 3 days there is no objection, the sale will be made; if there is an objection, the item will be reviewed at the next BOC meeting.
  • Margaux Seconds
  • For: 12 Against: 0 Abstaining: 2
  • Motion Passes
  • If interested in Parlimentary Procedure, let Brad know via email.
  • 3 Friday Night Social Coordinators thus far; 1 more position
  • Micah moves to approve Brad’s grant to the three Friday Night Social coordinators on the condition that they perform their duties to the club. They are Anna Short, Tim LeVon, Bill Noelck.
  • Justin Seconds
  • For: 12 Against: 0 Abstaining: 2
  • Motion passes


  • Question & Answer Session
  • Matrices taxing: asterisk taxing: tell how many questions before start
  • how to improve (ie, more dynamic, target certain club members, make more general, time, reduce click # pages, zip code)
  • Micah moves to accept survey as it stands with minor changes suggested today
  • Justin friendly amends: and to send it on to the general membership
  • Justin seconds
  • For: 12 Against: 0 Abstain: 2


  • Next meeting, Brad would like to put clause in by-laws for items that need to be voted on quickly and efficiently
  • Reaffirm Donation Acceptance (MacGregor 26)
  • Jesse motions to approve up to $200 from where the Treasurer and Commodore decide to get the lift out and the MacGregor stored as soon as possible, reaffirming the donation acceptance of the MacGregor 26 as well.
  • Micah seconds
  • For: 12 Against: 0 Abstaining: 1
  • Windsurfing:
  • Donation: 3 nice sails, 3 women’s wetsuits, women’s seat harness
  • Discussion: Legitimate? Yes.
  • Justin moves to accept the donation of 3 nice sails, 3 women’s wetsuits, 1 women’s seat harness, and 1 windsurfing board as stated by the signed letter from Cathy Conlon.
  • Rich seconds.
  • For: 12 Against: 0 Abstain: 1
  • next meeting discuss policy to expediate donations…questions, Joanna, Development Chair.


  • Margaux moves to start the bid process to buy 18 new college-rigged 420s and to have the Hoofer Sailing Club front the first half of the money, about $58,773, on November 1st, 2009, to be repaid by another sailing club and the UW Sailing Team, the first half of the payment due by January 1st, 2010, pending a binding agreement from the other school, with the payment from the other school going directly to the Hoofer Sailing Club to begin repaying the loan made to the UW Sailing Team.
  • Jesse seconds

For: 8 Against: 0 Abstaining: 5

  • see prior minutes for selling the current 420s for no less than 4500

Yearly Goals:

  • Tabled until next meeting, on assumption that everyone emails Brad top 5 goals to see happen

Upcoming Events:

  • General Membership Meeting sometime in early November
  • Great lift-out; stations worked well; 14 lifted out (tied record), 11 hours crane time (billed), Thanks to UW Fleet Service, Jim & Staff, Ag Research Farm (Tom), Fred Patillo (Lead the Day).
  • Pier-Out this weekend. Help.
  • Props to Council, us, Hoofers Haunted Halloween…get involved! Looking for volunteers. Next Thursday Buccaneer Ball Oct. 29th, go!
  • Email communication important
  • Micah moves to adjourn
  • Jesse seconds

Meeting adjourned

Meeting end: 10:28pm


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