Meeting Start: 8:30
Justin Cherniak (Education Representative) - present
Charlotte Herzenberg (Secretary) – present
Tom Barry – present
Michelle Czarnecki (Scow Fleet Captain) - present
Jesse Pfammatter (Maintenance Representative) – present
Jeremy B. (Sailing Team) - present
Margaux Stutz (420 Fleet Captain & Team Representative) - present
Dan Siedliecki (Keelboat captain) - present
Andy Marin- present
Phil Wittig (Treasurer) - present
Joe Ricker (J Fleet Captain) - present
Rich Pang (Windsurfing fleet captain) – present
Dave Neilson (Kiting Captain)-present
Micah Kearns (Marketing and PR Chair) - present
Jim Rogers (Hoofer Advisor) - present
Joanna Clark (Development Chair)-present
Erica Dederich (Vice Commodore) – present
Brad Strock (President) - present
Agenda Items

  • Minutes approved
  • We will try to limit paper use and will be moving to electronic minutes only.
  • Agenda approved

New BOC Member Introductions

  • Joe Ricker
  • Dave Neilson
  • Joanna Clark

Commodore’s Report

  • An email will be going out to every club about open positions. Possibly to the entire campus.
  • Brad will be meeting with everyone on the BOC sometime before Thanksgivingfor half an hour to an hour to make sure everyone is getting off on the right foot and not having any difficulties with their position.
  • Brad checked to make sure everyone’s email is working and that everyone is using it. Everyone’s email is working well.
  • Contact information for all BOC members will be sent out.
  • The intern, Aaron, will be giving BOC members business cards if they need them. 
  • All fleet captains should look at their part of the webpage and tell Justin if anything should be added or changed.

Yearly Goals Review/Brainstorming

  • Goals handout attached at the very end of the minutes 

Club Survey Presentation (Micah)

  • About 36 questions on the survey right now
  • Takes about 3-4 minutes to compete
  • Email Micah if you want to add questions to the survey
  • Survey’s goal is to generally find out what people think of the fleets and how they can be improved
  • Micah still wants to add additional questions to the survey
  • We’re hoping to send the survey out to the BOC this weekend
  • Email Micah with questions/comments/additions to survey:
  • Everyone on the BOC needs to fill out the survey

Shop Definition of a Year (Jesse/Jake)

  • Jesse and Jake have added some notes to the handout from the last meeting
  • A minimum and maximum raise has been added
  • They’ve changed definition from a year to a term: a summer’s worth of work counts as one term and a semester during the school year counts as .5 of a term.
  • Raises will be given based on whether shop workers can complete certain tasks.
  • The shop budget is at $57,000 right now. In the past, the shop hasn’t used all of it, so this increase in wages will mean that a little bit more of the shop’s budget will be used. No additional money will be needed to account for the wage increases.
  • Two of the staff members would get raises with this increase.
  • Discussion of where to have caps on wages
  • The maximum cap for a shop staff member is $11, and it’s $12.75 for directors
  • Motion (Jesse): To approve the revised budget notes with respect to shop wage increases.
  • Rich Seconds
  • 7 Yays, 2 Nays, 4 Abstained
  • Motion Passes

Selling Scow Masts (Michelle)

  • Motion (Michelle): I move to sell two E scow masts, chosen by a consideration between the shop staff and scow fleet captain, as is, for $500 apiece.
  • Micah Seconds
  • 11 Yays, 0 Nays, 3 Abstained
  • Motion Passes

Nationals (Jeremy and Margaux)

  • We will need $23,000 in order to get 12 new, college-rigged 420s
  • First half of money is due Nov. 1st
  • Motion (Jeremy and Margaux): To start the process to sell the 420s for no less than 4,500 per boat.
  • Michelle Seconds
  • 10 Yays, 0 Nays, 3 Abstained
  • Motion Passes


  • Motion (Jeremy and Margaux): To start the bid process to buy 18 new college-rigged 420s and to have the hoofer sailing club front the first half of the money, about $58,773, on November first to be repaid by Lake Forest and the Sailing Team, half by January first 2010, completely by May 31, 2010. Pending confirmation letter from Lake Forest.
  • Erica Seconds
  • 11 Yays, 0 Nays, 3 Abstained
  • Motion Passes, 

Formation of Yearly Goals

  • Please send Brad an email with your top 4 or 5 yearly goals and star * the ones that you may be able to take care of.

Lift Out

  • We need volunteers for lift out 
  • We definitely need volunteers for peer out which will be December 23-25
  • Instead of just sending out emails to get volunteers we are also assigning people specific duties.
  • Planning meeting on Tuesday at 8:30 in hoofer office
  • Shrink wrap has been ordered to cover the boats

Upcoming Events

  • Pumpkin regatta this Saturday
  • Laser Regatta this Saturday at 8:00-11:30, there will also be an afternoon session
  • Lift out Oct. 18th
  • Buccaneer’s Ball Oct. 29th
  • Final day of season is Oct. 25th
  • Homecoming this Friday through the 17th
  • Barge building contest this Friday from 3-5pm

Closing remarks

  • Brad will send out goals
  • Survey will be sent out as well

Motion (Erica) - To adjourn
Jesse seconds
Motion Passes
Meeting end: at about 11:00pm

Overall Goals

-Improved Manuals (J?)
-Central location of information (Hooferpedia)
-Improved Communication within Leadership (BoC, shop, instruction, members, all levels)
-Email Lists (Information about fleets and other aspects of the club)
-Club Survey!
-Sailing Blog

-Interest Groups (Classes/Book Clubs)
-Destination Sailing
-Student related non-sailing events
-Joint events with community/rest of UW (Social, Racing, Volunteering)
-Diversity within the Club
-Home School Classes
-Joint Events
    -Inter Fleet

Safety & Stewardship
-Including basic repairs in instruction/ratings
-USCG Safety Inspections
-NPBS Boater Safety Training
-Penalty Enforcement
-Maintenance Tracking

-ASA or USS certification
-Conference Sailing Revamp
-Online Membership forms/procard usage
-Planning for Future Facilities
-Increased Day Fleet Sailing
-Increase Hoofer Merchandise

-Club Trips to Regattas
-More weekly races (Scows?)
-Match Racing
-More All Fleets Racing
-Team Integration -> racing

-Fall Event
-Fleet outings
-Keelboat Clinics
-Night Sailing
-Movie Nights
-Non-Sailing Outing + Events
-Tech Gate (Converting techs into 'derby cars')

-BoC Socials/Trips
-BoC Name Tags/Poster
-Unified BoC

-Mendota Open -> Ice Golf
-Broom Ball
-Ice Rink
-Improved Winter Socials
-Ice Boat


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