Meeting Start: 8:30 
Present BOC Members:
Jeremy B. (Sailing Team)
Joe Ricker (J Fleet Captain)                         
Margaux Stutz (420 Fleet Captain & Team Representative)                         
Rich Pang (Windsurfing fleet captain)
Nick Kratzke (Tech and Sloop Fleet Captain)                        
Jim Rogers (Hoofer Advisor)
Phil Wittig (treasurer)                   
Tom Barry (Head of instruction)                        
Hayley (Events and Volunteer)                        
Andy Marin (Development Chair)                        
Dan Siedliecki (Keelboat captain)
Micah Kearns (Marketing and PR Chair)                         
Jesse Pfammatter (Maintenance Representative)
Michelle Czarnecki (Scow Fleet Captain)                         
Justin Cherniak (Education Representative)                         
Charlotte Herzenberg (Secretary)
Erica Dederich (Vice Commodore)
Brad Strock (President)                         

Agenda Items
• Minutes approved
• Agenda approved
• Andy Marin as new development chair
Hoofers Council By-laws
Changes have been proposed for:
• Open meeting laws
• Paid Hoofers Leaders- Allows leaders to be in the club and to be paid by the club
• Allowing online voting
• Dan Siedliecki will be nominated for Hoofer of the month
• The trail ride isn’t going to happen this year
• Possible trip to boulders for Boc members
• Club survey is coming out this week
• No meeting during week of winter kick-off
• No meeting during Thanksgiving week
• Meetings will start at 8pm from now on
• General Hoofer Sailing meeting will be next Wednesday, November 11th in the great hall at 7 pm
• Everyone should send Erica a blurb about their fleet and yearly goals and she’ll put them all together in a PowerPoint presentation for the general meeting
Presentation of Yearly Goals for the BOC
• Handout is at the end of the minutes
• Discussion of Goals
• Implementation of using the ball as symbol of speaking rights
• Motion (Jesse): I move to accept the attached list as the official BOC 2009/2010 goals.
• Micah seconds
• 15 Yays,  0 Nays, 1 Abstentions    
• Motion Passes

• Motion (Justin): I move to allow board members to accept donations appropriate to their position pending an email sent out to the BOC assuming no objects are received within three days.
• Jesse seconds
• Move to call the question
• 13 Yays, O Nays, 2 abstaining
• Motion passes
Budget (Phil Wittig)

• Additions to look at: donations, sales, purchase of new boats
• Motion (Jesse): I motion to approve the revisions attached to the Hoofer Sailing Club budget with regard to the 2010 ICSA national championships budget.
• Michelle seconds
• 13 Yays, O Nays, 2 Abstentions
• Motion passes
Winter Work Projects (Dan)
• Looking into buying or using multiple output air compressors on the weekends
• Jesse will find out if the University already has one that can be used
Joint pricing models for each club
• Sign up for all 6 clubs-> 11.5% discount on each club.
• Sign up for 2, 3, 4, or 5 clubs -> 6% discount on each club
• Phil is not in favor of the discounts
• Brad is not in favor of the 2, 3, 4, and 5 club discount
Motion (Justin): I move to accept the proposal for the 11.5 % discount on the sailing club annual membership if someone joins all six clubs providing that all the five remaining clubs give an equal or greater discount.
• Phil seconds
• 9 Yays, 2 Nays, 4 Abstentions
• Motion passes
Upcoming Events

• General club meeting at 7pm in Great Hall, be there early
• November 18th : Winter kickoff in the Inn Wisconsin Room 7:30-9:30
• November 19th Ski and Snowboard Rail Jam on Union Terrace
• Winter Socials: at the Nitty Gritty from 5 to 8 on Fridays
Closing remarks
• Please help with presentation at general meeting
Motion to Adjourn (Erica)
Brad seconds
Meeting ends 10:48

Club Goals
Harbor Inter-board cohesion by having a monthly board social/outing.
Evaluate the club's current by-laws and update where deemed necessary by the Board of Captains.
Acquire either ASA or USS club certification, and have a functional instructional program by the end of our term.
Create and improve email lists to harbor communication between club leadership (fleet captains, Events & Volunteer coordinator, etc) and interested members (specific ratings, self subscription), functional by the start of next sailing season.
Increase inter-club activity and diversity by hosting at least one joint fleet event each month during sailing season.
Expand our boundaries by reaching out to other parts of WUD, RSOs, and the general community by hosting joint events.
Streamline our membership process by having online sign-up and payment for buying/renewing memberships and requesting work hour reimbursements.
Help increase stewardship of our boats by introducing classes involving boat repair and other maintenance.
Create a central location for information for club documentation akin to Wikipedia.
Create at least one supplemental podcast/video for each fleet to enhance our instruction program.
Take a look at our penalty enforcement documentation, update where needed, and ensure enforcement throughout the club.
Spur the creation of an online pro-card/receiving report system to be designed, tested, and implemented by Summer 2010.
Create at least 3 new and desired Hoofer Sailing Club merchandise items.
Improve our great history of racing by having each fleet have a weekly race during sailing season.
Create rating and instruction program for the new Byte Fleet.
Foster social interactions through making group day sailing available on the lessons website.
Work together as a cohesive group to make sure Nationals is a successful experience for all.

Look into:
Create a dedicated committee to help address and hold an active role in planning for future facilities including the Memorial Union remodeling and possible future storage locations.
Create a long term development program for the club to bring in supplemental money to boost our programs and fleets.(Needs more development)
    -Possible Committee
Create a Stewardship mentoring program.
Activities over winter:
    Ice Rink
    Better Winter Socials
    Broom ball
    Monthly activities

Future of our Boats and Fleets(committee?)
Revamping Conference Sailing
Alternate club programming to harbor camaraderie and friendship.
    -Cross club activities

Winter stuff
Increased Day Sailing
Non-sailing Outing + Events (Student?)
Include basic repairs in instruction/ratings
Movie Nights
Heavy Keelboat/ J-fleet landing clinics *quality and efficiency of our instruction
Revamp conference sailing (Themes)
Tech Derby
Racing (All fleets racing weekly, match racing the 24s)
Hoofer Merchandise
Penalty Enoforcement
Interest Groups
Destination Sailing
Team Integration
Planning for future facilities
Plan for future Tech Use
Online pro-card/ receiving report system


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