Meeting Start: 8:30 pm  

Ian Buck (Laser Fleet Captain) - present

Jesse Pfammatter (Maintenance Representative) - present

Rich Pang (Windsurfing fleet captain) – present

Michelle Czarnecki (Scow Fleet Captain) - present

Nick Kratzke (Tech and Sloop Fleet Captain) - present

Derk (racing captain) - present

John Goebel- present

Dan Siedliecki (Keelboat captain) - present

Phil Wittig (treasurer) - present

Andy Marin –present

Jeremy B. (Sailing Team) - present

Margaux Stutz (420 Fleet Captain & Team Representative) - present

Charlotte Herzenberg (Secretary) – present

Justin Cherniak (Education Representative) - present

Erica Dederich (Vice Commodore) – present

Brad Strock (President) - present

Jim Rogers (Hoofer Advisor) - present

Agenda Items

  • Minutes approved
  • Agenda approved



  • Email Brad to ensure that email works
  • Send goals for year to Brad

Friday Night Socials (Brad)

  • Dan doesn’t want to be Friday night social chair again.
  • This Friday is last day to recommend people for Friday night social chair
  • Brad wants two to four ppl. doing Friday night social chair
  • Where should we do winter social? Vintage, Hawks, Nitty Gritty
  • Friday night Broomball games on Friday?

Club Repairs (Jesse)

  • More communication between fleets
  • Get volunteers for shop
  • Fleet captains should make a list of what they want done this winter
  • Open up communication throughout club for work parties
  • (Justin) Online tracker for problems with boats coming (HTTP://
  • Start doing walk throughs

Hoofer Shop Staff Wages (Jake & Jesse)

  • Jesse and Jake propose an increase in wages
  • Why pay them more: takes a year to train them, so higher wages will keep them around longer, keep experienced people coordinating the volunteers, get more done and have higher expectations of shop.
  • Overall, wage increase would include about a 50 cent raise per staff member, per hour.
  • Benefits: more qualified staff members will put in more hours and not go to other, higher paying jobs.
  • 3 very experienced ppl. are much more valuable than 5 inexperienced ppl. in the shop
  • Interested in a keelboat cart
  • Possibility of opening up the shop on weekends
  • Possibility of shop person on-call
  • Automatic merit increases usually occur but not always
  • Motion (Ian): To accept the recommended wage increases and to update the 2009 to 2010 budget and budget notes to reflect these increases.
  • Michelle seconds
  • Jesse and Phil should work out the budget notes
  • 8 Yays, 0 Nays, 4 Abstained
  • Motion Passed

Nationals (Margaux and Jeremy)

  • May 24th through June 3rd
  • 11 day event
  • 18 teams
  • We currently only have twelve 420s and we need eighteen. They all need to be made in the same year and be in similar condition.
  • Alumni regatta
  • General meeting for all districts
  • Races will include women’s, team racing, coeds
  • Motorboats will be brought in for event
  • Banquets for each event
  • It would be great to have spectator boats
  • Propose buying 18 new 420s. High school will immediately buy 6 of the old ones. This will cost 30,000 to buy new boats including exchanging the old boats back to the company.
  • So far they’ve raised $15,000
  • Problem: new boats wouldn’t have spinnakers or trapezes
  • We could have the university buy three of the current boats that have spinnakers and trapezes to use specifically for lessons.
  • Anticipating having to raise 40,000 for the event including boats
  • Total Budget: $60,000
  • Timeline: Need half the money by November 1st
  • Recently received 18 sets of sails with spinnakers. Could possibly buy new boats without sails and get them cheaper.
  • Margaux and Jeremy will get more information about pricing, rigs, and come back in two weeks to continue discussion.
  • As a last resort could get club to front money.

Selling the E Scow Hulls (Michelle)

  • Buyer doesn’t want hulls anymore.
  • Now wants to pay $500 per masts for two masts.

Kickoffs (Erica)

  • 91 slips entered for free membership drawing
  • For winter kickoff, November 18th, be on time to set up
  • Please make posters for each fleet for winter kickoff
  • Sold 12 memberships at sailing kickoff
  • Sold 25 memberships at all hoofer kickoff

Survey Meeting (Brad & Justin)

  • Meeting scheduled for 9-24-09 at 2:00 pm
  • To go over marketing questions, demographics
  • Will go over survey details at next meeting

Instructorless Lessons (Nick)

  • Get more experienced sailors to sail with people who have just joined the club
  • On tech boats

Upcoming Events (Brad & Erica)

  • Oct. 3rd, Next Saturday: Team vs. World races
  • Could include a tech and a sloop race
  • Oct. 3rd, Next Saturday: 1:30 - race, 3:30 - freestyle : Windsurfing races
  • Oct. 9 th, 2-5 UW homecoming committee is holding a barge-building event
  • Oct. 10th, 12:30 at peers, Pumpkin regatta
  • Oct. 10 th, ROTC Navy regatta
  • Oct. 16th, Homecoming Parade
  • Oct. 17th and 18th, Intergalactic tech IGs
  • Oct. 17th and 18th, Women’s regatta
  • Oct. 24th, Lift-out. Need to get a crane
  • Oct. 29th, Bucky’s Ball
  • Oct. 31 th, is the last day for sailing

Review of Topics (Brad)

Motion (Erica) - To adjourn

Jesse seconds

Motion Passes

Meeting end: at about 11:00pm


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