Meeting Start: 8:00 pm


Charlotte Herzenberg (Secretary) - present

Jim Rogers (Hoofer Advisor) - present

Ian Buck (Laser Fleet Captain) - present

Rich Pang (Windsurfing fleet captain) - present 

Andrew Lee (Council Education Chair) - present

Dan Siedliecki (Fleet captain)–present

Margaux Stutz (420 Fleet Captain & Team Representative) - present

Jeremy B. (Sailing Team) - present

Jesse Pfammatter (Maintenance Representative) - present

Jake Beyer (Head of Shop)–present

Claire Schlenker (OPO staff)-present

Justin Cherniak (Education Representative) - present

Erica Dederich (Vice Commodore) - present

Micah Kearns (Marketing Chair) - present

Nick Kratzke (Tech and Sloop Fleet Captain) - present

Mark Rugowski (Former shop rep.) - present

Michelle Czarnecki (Scow Fleet Captain) - present

Brad Strock (Commodore) - present

Ian Buck (Laser Fleet Captain) - present (came in late) 

Andy Marin (Outging J Fleet Co-captain) - present (came in late)


Agenda Items

Review of Minutes- Charlotte


Opening Remarks


              Minutes are approved unanimously.

              Agenda is approved

              Discussion of Robert’s Rules of Order  

              As a change from last year, abstentions won’t be considered as a nay

           vote in the passing of a motion. Instead a simple vote of yays versus nays will suffice.  

              There will be a Mini-retreat for 3-4 hours somewhere in Madison  

              Brad wants to see more communication to the club. Also wants to bring new people in to  volunteer.

Hoofer Sailing Shop

              Jake discussed Hoofer Sailing Shop Procedures

              The shop needs volunteers.

              Keelboat cart and Keelboat mending. 

              Jake wants more freshmen to work in the shop; could possibly pay them more.  

              Anyone who wants to volunteer in the shop should send Jake an email.

Outdoor Program Office and ProCards

              Claire describes what the OPO is: Outdoor program office.

              ProCard procedure   

              ProCards are what you use to spend your budget.  

              Need to fill out a ProCard agreement beforehand.  

              1 business day to get ProCard back to the office. 

              Complete an itemized receipt.  

              New probation procedure, entire club will be prohibited from using card until all forms               are in.

Club Survey

              Micah is spearheading this.

              Specific goal: To find out if members think the club is running well?  

              Send emails to Micah about survey at  

              Brad wants the actual committee to meet in next two weeks.  

Selling the E Scow

            A man wants to buy two of our E Scow hauls.  

            He’s willing to pay $500 for each of them. He doesn’t care which ones.

            Michelle recommends that we sell them.

            Brad wants to contact him and see what he’s looking for.  

            Write “take as is” on advertisement. 

            Michelle thinks we should make an offer because we have E Scows we don’t need.  

            Motion (by Justin): I motion to authorize Michelle to investigate

            condition of the E Scow hauls consultation from the head of  

            shop and, if deemed appropriate, sell two E Scow hauls for 500 dollars each.

            Michelle: I second it  

            Brad moved to vote

            9 yay, 0 opposed, 2 abstained

            MOTION PASSED

Membership Discount

            We will do a speakers list from now on. 

            Discussion of whether people joining multiple clubs should receive discounts. 

            Discussion of whether large groups of people signing up together should receive


            If giving a group discount, group number should be large, around 6 or 8.

            A nominal discount probably won’t add up.

            Could possibly give service enticement like free lessons instead of a monetary discount.

            Possible dorm discounts. Both the dorms and the clubs could chip in.

            We could do discounts for employees for specific businesses.

            We could add a question about incentives to the survey.

            Possible 10% discount for people signing up for all 6 clubs.

Free Memberships

            Free memberships extended to non-voting members. 

            Motion (by Justin): I move to approve Brad’s recommendation on free 

            memberships and offer them a free annual membership or extend their

            membership for one year.

            Erica: I second that.

            9 yays, 0 nays, 2 obtaining

            MOTION PASSED

            Erica: I motion to offer a free academic year membership at the hoofer sailing

            club fall festival 

            Michelle: second that

            9 yay, 0 nay, 2 abstaining

            MOTION PASSED

Hoofer Email Accounts

            Not for personal use. 

            Feel free to give address out to people but remember after turnover

            you won’t have access to it. We have to comply with open record laws.

            Able to access work hours and lead work parties. 

            To do a work party, email Michelle with date and time.

Upcoming Events

            Pumpkin Regatta: Saturday Oct. 13th at 12:30 

            Kickoffs: Hoofers kickoff is Sept. 10th, 7-9pm in the Grand Ballroom.

            Sailing Club Kickoff is Sept. 15, 7-9pm.

            Brad wants everyone to be at the Hoofer kickoff.

            We need posters for the heavy keel boats, scows, and 420s. 

            Monday and Tuesday from 10:30-3 we’ll be having a tech in the fountain.

            This weekend: Fall Fury regatta with 14 teams.

            24th: keel lift-out. Sunday as a rain date.

            Motion (by Justin): Motion to adjourn

            Margaux: second

            Meeting Adjourned: 11:00pm


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