Justin Cherniak - Education Representative, Webmaster and Instructor
Brad Strock - Commodore
Tom Barry - Head of Instruction
Erica Dederich - Vice Commodore (note taker)
Mark Stanishevski - Instructor
Robert Suesse
Paul Schoenherr - Instructor
Dan Sidlecki - Keelboat Captain and Instructor
Chamond Lui - Windsurfing Instructor
Dave Jeter - Instructor
Dan Jenkins - Instructor
Andy Lynch - Instructor
Brian Adams - Instructor

  • Lesson Statistics
    • Sign-up statistics
      • Tech lessons very popular-80-90% of lessons filled
      • Laser fleet filled at 94%
      • Scow lessons over 95% full
      • No M-17
      • J29 at 99%
      • Keelboats over 100% [alternate spots] (except Toy)
    • Taught more lessons than what was budgeted for overall
      • Less 420s
    • Fewer dinghy lessons taught by volunteers than was budgeted
    • How do we remedy this?
      • One suggestion was for keelboat instructors on smaller boats and vice-versa
      • General consensus was just to reduce volunteer expectations for dinghies
    • Can we create an additional incentive to volunteer or impose consequences for volunteer instructors not meeting quotas?
    • Possibility for paid instruction on “heavy” keelboats
      • Incentive for day use of keelboats for youth program
  • Education Budget
    • New inclusion to budget that states instruction budget increases with membership
    • State-wide hiring and wage freeze, so no raises this year
    • Revisions
      • Increase budget due to increased membership
      • Youth program income WAY up!
        • Big increase expected for next year
        • Keelboat, race, and byte classes
        • Online sign-up available soon, which is expected to create 10% increase
    • Conference sailing/outreach             
      • Increase in marketing and subsequent demand for outreach
  • Future Agendas Suggestions (in addition to handout)
    • Capri heavy ratings-banned last year
    • ROTC program for Laser fleet (Mark and Tom)
  • Questions/Suggestions
    • Further discussion needed about keelboat lesson scheduling.
      • One suggestion was to try and leave boats more open for day sailing Friday-Sunday and schedule lessons more during the week

The following documents are attached to these notes and were either passed out at the meeting or shown on the projector:

  • Education Budget - 2009-10 Revised and 2010-11 (Proposed education budget and notes)
  • Education Committee Agendas (Proposed Education Committee agendas)
  • Actual Lessons Taught 1-1-09 - 12-31-09 (Actual numbers of lessons taught in the year 2009 versus projections)
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Actual Lessons Taught 1-1-09 - 12-31-09.xls 35.5 KB
Education Budget - 2009-10 Revised and 2010-11.xls 665.5 KB
Education Committee Agendas.docx 11.55 KB


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