Education Committee Meeting #3


  • Justin Cherniak (chair)
  • Dave Jeter
  • Andy Marin
  • Nick Kratzke
  • Dan Seidlecki
  • Tom Barry
  • Mark Stanishevski
  • Erica Dederich (notetaker)
  • Ken Jule
  • Andy Lynch
  • Jane Foster
  • Peter Kapur


  • Overview of survey results regarding lesson/instruction satisfaction, usage, and comments
  • Various graphs generated from the database, showing the following:
    • Overall most people satisfied with lesson scheduling practices
  • Suggestions to improve member satisfaction
    • Push for social sailing this season to prevent barriers to getting into lessons
    • Possibility of starting on Sloops for an alternate to techs?
      • Need to rework the flow chart
        • Sloop beginner --> Sloop --> Capri 22 --> J-Fleet
    • More simulator teaching to make beginners comfortable
    • Special lessons starting at 6?
      • Remove rigging from the lesson (take boats from a 3-6 lesson)
      • Add rigging-specific videos online
    • Add lesson coordinator’s e-mail on the lesson website
    • Tag skills accomplished on member profiles (capsizing, rigging, landing)
  • New lesson scheduling arrangements
    • Open lessons Thursday night at 10pm
      • Have lessons appear Thursday at 5, sign up for one lesson per fleet on Thursday at 9, one per fleet on Friday (same time), and then open sign-up on Saturday afternoon (2:00)
  • The following suggestions were shown and approved by all in attendance:
    • Move lesson opening time to 10:00PM to not conflict with lessons
    • Add signup restrictions to website
      • Show up at 5PM (can’t sign up)
      • 1 lesson/fleet on Thursday night (10:00PM)
      • 1 lesson/fleet on Friday night (9:00PM)
      • Open to all on Saturday afternoon (2:00PM)
    • Indicate to instructors people who have taken lots of lessons on a particular fleet, instructors could then try to focus on moving them on
    • Add beginner Badger Sloop lessons as an alternate to Techs,
      • Won’t be able to take boat out themselves until they’ve completed regular BS lessons
      • Go back to tech before going to 420, lasers, bytes
      • See attached (rough) diagram
    • Schedule more nighttime scow and J-fleet lessons
    • 6PM Tech Third Day lessons
      • For people that have trouble making 5 or 5:30 lessons
      • Note that ratings are not likely since they are only two hours
      • Try to remove or speed through rigging
      • If they start to fill up, require pre-authorization for signup
    • Add link to Lesson Scheduling Coordinator to lesson sign up page so people know to contact him/her if they cannot find lessons that fit into their schedule

The following documents are attached to these notes and were either passed out at the meeting or shown on the projector:

  • Survey Comments on Lesson Availability.pdf – comments from members on lesson availability on the club surbvey
  • Education Committee Meeting #3 - Lesson Scheduling.pdf – PowerPoint with all graphs, statistics and suggestions from meeting
  • Flowchart Revisions.png – crude sketch of modified ratings flowchart
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