Education Committee #4 - ASA Club Affiliation (February 25, 2010)

  • Attendance
    • Justin Cherniak - Education Representative
    • Mark Gillespie - Has ASA certification through ASA 106
    • Andy Marin - Development Chair
    • Dan Siedlecki - Keelboat Fleet Captain
    • Paul Schoenherr
    • Chuck Nonzo
    • Kevin Burr
    • Fred Will (with Mo)
    • Randy Mullis - J-fleet captain - ASA instructor through 105
    • Wei Ji
    • Jonathan Gapen
    • Chas Kenyon
    • John Goebel - Has ASA 101 and 103
    • Dan Jenkins - Has ASA 105
    • Brad Strock - Commodore
    • Erica Dederich - Vice-Commodore (notetaker)
  • Review of BOC Meeting (2/17)
    • Hiring Committee and lesson signup restrictions passed
    • Beginning sloop lessons failed at Board level.
      • Will be reassessed at a future Education Committee meeting
  • Overview of ASA and the benefits of having ASA as a part of our program
  • Classes we could offer: ASA 101, 103 (?), 105, 119
  • Requirements for ASA Affiliation
    • All boats being used for ASA instruction must be in working order (most likely starting with J fleet, possibly including Knotty)
      • Hopeful that this will be done by the beginning of season
    • Site evaluation
    • Commercial liability insurance with minimum coverage of $500,000
    • Course and lessons plans submitted to ASA
    • At least one ASA certified instructor on staff (already have around 5)
  • Fees for the club
    • $900 for the first year, $400 for subsequent years
    • Question raised as to additional costs to keep our boats up to par
  • Cost for members - $50-$75 per course
  • Plan for next week is discussing how to integrate ASA into our curriculum
  • Majority recommended to approve ASA affiliation to the Board of Captains with details of our integration to come in the following weeks
    • Justin will present to BOC next week (3/3)
  • Questions
    • Dave - Compensation for instructors who are ASA certified?
      • The plan at this point is to not modify our pay schedules (we would not be paying ASA instructors more)
    • Problems with University Anti-Compete Clause (unknown asker)
      • If we only offer courses to our members, it should not be a problem
      • That said, members could join club for ASA lessons if they so chose
        • We could still advertise as such
    • Andy - Wants to be sure that we still include things in our curriculum that are not included in ASA requirements
      • Justin - Our talks with other clubs offering ASA indicates that there is no problem with us doing so

The following slides were shown on the projector throughout the meeting:

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Education Committee No. 4 - ASA Affiliation.pdf 356.7 KB


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