Education Committee Meeting #2 – Hiring Committee

  • Attendees
    • Justin Cherniak (Education Representative / Webmaster / Instructor)
    • Erica Dederich (notetaker)
    • Brian Borkovec (Instructor / Former HOI)
    • Kat Borkovec (Instructor)
    • Jane Foster (Instructor)
    • Paul Schoenherr (Instructor)
    • Dan Seidlecki (Instructor)
    • Brian Adams (Instructor)
    • Dave Jeter (Instructor)
    • Tom Barry (Head of Instruction)
    • Nick Kratzke (Tech/Sloop Fleet Captain / Instructor)
    • Andy Marin (Instructor)
    • Peter Kapur (Instructor)
  • Minutes
    • Approve minutes with recorded changes
    • Discussion about history of the hiring committee/overview of the process
    • What qualities are desirable on the committee?
  • Broad experience
  • Varied ranges of ages
  • Somebody who is not a teacher
  • Student(s)
  • Newer instructor
  • Non-instructor / new member
  • Variety of fleets - Leadership from different fleets
    • Dinghys
    • Keelboats
    • Windsurfer
  • Someone who has taught something other than sailing
  • Someone who has taught or ran youth program
  • Corporate instructors
    • HR Experience
  • Somebody born in another country (ESL)
  • Somebody from the BOC
  • Sailed or taught outside of Hoofers
    • Highly rated instructor - Way to recognize somebody
  • Handicapped
      • Tom would like to see 1-2 greeters added
    • Dan gave idea of having online reviews for instructors
      • Highest rated instructor should be on committee (most desirable instructor)
    • Who do we want on the committee (5-6 members, plus 2-3 alternates)?
      • Long discussion to nominate and pick indivual people
      • Justin moves to choose Jane Foster, Paul Schoenherr, Erica Dederich, Tom Barry (Brian Borkovec as alternate), Brian Adams, Dave Jeeter, and Rich Pang for the seven members of the hiring committee, with Justin Cherniak, Nick Kratzke, and Brittney Rathsack as alternates, and Kat Borkovec and Brittney Rathsack as greeters.
      • Tom seconds
        • 12 for
        • 1 against
        • 0 abstentions


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