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Education Committee Meeting #6 -3/11/10


  • Justin Cherniak – Education Representative
  • Paul Davidsaver – Hoofer Council President
  • Micah Kearns – Marketing Chair
  • Christopher Frye
  • Jeremy McMahon – 420 Fleet Captain / Sailing Team co-captain
  • Erica Dederich (Notetaker) – Vice Commodore
  • Johnathan Gapen
  • Andy Marin – Development Chair
  • Justin Carlile
  • Dan Jenkins
  • Brian Biehl
  • Joann Long
  • Bill Burns
  • Pete Mooney
  • Randy Mullis – J-Fleet Captain
  • Chas Kenyon
  • Tom Barry – Head of Instruction
  • Dan Siedlecki – Keelboat Fleet Captain
  • Matt Hempke
  • Peter Kapur (late)


  • Council President Paul Davidsaver chairing meeting
  • Review of minutes from the last meeting
    • Approves by acclimation
  • Approval of agenda
    • Approved by Acclimation
  • Dan’s alternate proposal
    • Basic Keelboat (beginners cover a “Keelboat intro” that covers basic sailing skills)
      • See attached notes/slides for details
    • Tom proposes we still include a Tech A class before moving on to bigger boats
      • Discussion
  • Justin motions to offer a keelboat intro class, open after intro to sailing, that will be scheduled for 12 hours. People who complete that class will then be allowed to take lessons on the J22s, J24s, and Capri 22. The rating check sheets for the J22, J24 and Capri 22 light will be rewritten to follow the ASA 101 standard.
    • Randy seconds the motion
    • Discussion
    • Justin amends his motion to include a basic check sheet for the keelboat intro lesson (for things like the wind clock, tacking, jibing, etc.) with contents to be determined later by the Head of Instruction
    • Paul calls motion to question
    • Motion passes
  • Post-basic keelboat lessons
    • Discussion
  • Justin motions to require a keelboat intro class before taking lessons on any J or keelboat. Additionally, the lessons on the heavy keelboats will be split into two types. One oriented to a crew rating and a second set oriented towards a skipper rating, open to those with a crew rating on that boat or a J/Capri rating.
    • Kevin seconds
    • Discussion
    • Dan proposes a friendly amendment to offer a diesel engine class in supplement to ASA 101 which would give members a crew rating on Spray and Knotty
    • Chas calls to question, Pete seconds
      • 9 vote yes, 4 no, 4 abstain
    • Motion fails
  • Dan motions that if members have an ASA 101 certification and take a supplemental diesel engine and boat-specific skills class that members can earn a crew rating on Spray and Knotty Rascal (consistent with included flow chart). We will retain the current ratings flowchart structure for Spray and Knotty if this course is not taken
    • Chas seconds
    • Justin makes a friendly amendment to make it a day skipper rating
      • Dan refuses
    • Justin makes a friendly amendment that a J light would be required rather than an ASA 101 certification so members do not need to pay.
      • Dan refuses
    • Justin moves to amend Dan’s motion to include that it also applies to a J light with written test, so members do not need to pay the $60 ASA fee
      • Christopher seconds
      • Discussion
      • Amendment passes
    • Pete calls to question, Christopher seconds
      • Motion passes
  • Christopher motions to adjourn, Justin seconds


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