Begin: 8:04pm

In Attendance:

Brad Strock, Commodore

Dierk Polzin, Racing Coordinator

Phil Wittig, Treasurer

Hayley Abbott, Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Rich Pang, Windsurfing Fleet Captain

Micah Kearns, Marketing Chair

Jeremy McMahon, Team Co-Captain & 420 Rep

Randy Mullis, J Fleet Captain

Margaux Stutz, Team Co-Captain & 420 Rep

Jeanne Mordledge, Snow Kiting Fleet Captain

Dan Siedlecki, Keelboat Fleet Captain

Justin Cherniak, Education Chair & Webmaster

Michelle Czarnecki, Scow Fleet Captain & Secretary

Erica Deidrich, Vice Commodore

Nick Kratzke, Sloop & Tech Fleet Captain

Ian Buck, Laser Fleet Captain

Andy Marin, Development Chair

Also in Attendance:

Tom Barry, Head of Instruction

Mark Rugowski, Head of Shop Hire Committee

Nick Clarens, Hoofer Council Secretary

Angela Wier, VP Admin Hoofer Council

Matt Hemke, Engineer Decoy

Joe Ricker, General Member and Soon-to-be-Instructor

Approve Minutes

Agenda Additions

-Council will discuss elections

-Introduction kiting fleet captain

-discussing upcoming weather and how effect us

Agenda Approved

Council Elections

-Thursday, April 8th at noon last acceptance for nominations

- Any Hoofers member may be nominated, and you have to be a Hoofer

- Just have to be a ‘student’ to be nominated

Kiting Fleet Captain Introduction

  • Jeanne Morledge: started snow-kiting program four years ago
  • 20 kites in the fleet; taught lots of lessons this past season

Commodore’s Report

-Budget mix-up in regards to team budget, this means will not go into red for ASA

-still seeking grant from WUD

-email sent around congratulating Phil for presentation

- Council updated by-laws, added few policies (ie, what it takes to appeal to council, how council will take appeals, suspending or removing members)

- Ericka will be attending Council meetings in lieu of Brad

- Tuesday after break at 8pm (TITU) day to discuss changes to our own by-laws, especially definitions

Education Committee Report

-Instructor Hiring Recap

-20 new instructors were offered positions

- 57 men, 18 women…wow

Racing Donation: Matt Hemke

-To view the PDF describing the idea, visit:

- club match Matt’s donation?

Michelle motions to accept the Summer Racing Cup Proposal as introduced by Matt Hemke with supplementary club support to be discussed at a later board meeting

Haley seconds

For: 14

Against: 0

Abstaining: 1

Donations of Sails

-Two people want to donate 2 sails from Catalina 34

Andy motions to accept the donations of 2 Catalina 34 sails

Michelle seconds


For: 14

Against: 0

Abstaining: 1

Short recess for Brad’s bladder

Sailing Shop Director Hiring Committee

-Brad stepping down briefly, Ericka will be in chair

-Hiring committee will involve less red tape.

-Jake Beyer, Zach Veith, Jesse Pffammater, Mark Rugowski, Margaux Stutz suggested for Hiring Committee, Brad Strock as an alternate

Brad motions to create a recommendation committee that will bring to the board their recommendation for the two new shop co-directors, the recommendation committee consisting of Jake Beyer as the chair, then Zack Veith, Jesse Pffammater, Mark Rugowski, and Margaux Stutz, with Brad Strock as an alternate, pending board approval of position description via email by Monday, March 29th, 2010.

Micah seconds

For: 13

Against: 0

Abstain: 2

Education Committee

-Reworking flow chart for ASA standards, way in which ASA will be offered

-Intro to Keelboat class will be offered

Justin moves, as recommended by the Education Committee on March 11th to create an 8-9 hour “Introduction to Keelboat Sailing” class to teach the basics of sailing and provide an alternate route to the J-fleet, with details of said class to be discussed by the Education Committee.

Dan seconds

For: 14

Against: 0

Abstain: 1

Justin moves, as recommended by the Education Committee on March 11th, that spinnaker requirements be removed from the J-24 light rating and into a separate J-Spinnaker rating and that those with a current J-24 or J-29 rating also get this rating automatically.

Nick seconds

For: 14

Against: 0

Abstain: 1

Social Sailing

  • try to bring more people onto heavy keelboats
  • slight preference to people furthering this idea
  • discussion encouraged beyond the board meeting


  • moving some things forward (as in pier-in)?
  • sloop pier main priority (week after spring break), then windsurfing deck, then tech pier

Upcoming Events

  • Ice-skating this Friday at the Shell, 5:45p-7p
  • Week after spring break Lifesaving opens April 7th
  • Madison Sailor Social April 7th at Coliseum Bar, Olin Avenue
  • April 8th All-Hoofer Kick-Off
  • Hoofer Lock-In April 9th potentially
  • Lift-in May 1st, then Spring Kick-Off
  • May 14th Friday Night Socials begin
  • Education Committee Meeting tomorrow, March 25th, 2010, 8pm
    • go visit and learn about education changes!

Closing Remarks

-official calendar that encompasses all Hoofer events?

- PLEASE help with the J fleet renovation project, lots of work completed thus far!

Erica Motions to Adjourn

Micah Seconds

Motion passes

Meeting ends 10:17 pm

Attached: Justin’s Hiring Stats

Instructor Hiring

BOC Meeting – March 24, 2010

Hiring Statistics

107 Applicants

55 new, 56 returning

Of the 55 new applicants, 49 showed up and took the exam

Based on exam scores, 27 people were asked in for an interview

15 new applicants were eliminated due to their status as graduating seniors

21.5 – 26 full time equivalents were needed for our program to succeed

9 spots were taken up by returning instructors

All interviews were conducted on Saturday, March 6

Hiring committee met that night to make final decision on hiring of new instructors

20 new instructors were offered positions

4 were offered Youth Assistant positions instead

Of those hired, 57 men, 18 women

4 high school students

Hiring Committee

Tom Barry

Jane Foster

Erica Dederich

David Jeter

Brian Adams

Rich Pang

Nick Kratzke

Hired Instructor List


Brian Adams

Bryan Biehl

Brian Borkovec

Katherine Borkovec

Ian Buck

Bill Burns

Justin Cherniak

Michelle Czarnecki

Sam Daly

Andy Evenson

John Feith

Molly Forbes

Jane Foster

Chris Frye

Jonathan Gapen

Mark Gillespie

John Goebel

Jacquelyn Guthrie

Don Hanna

Chris Hopman

Tyler Janisch

Dan Jenkins

David Jeter

Peter Kapur

Tom Kershner

Sam Ko

Charlie Kolner

Nicholas Kratzke

Chamond Liu

JoAnn Long

Andy Lynch

Jenn Macainag

Andrew Marin

Doug Miran

Pete Mooney

Jeanne Morledge

Randy Mullis

Rich Pang

Lilly Pearson

Jesse Quinn

Brittney Rathsack

Pedro Resto

Jim Rogers

Paul Schoenherr

Dan Siedlecki

Joe Silverberg

Mark Staniszewski

Margaux Stutz

Laura Vergeront


Ricky Belgado

Nicole Boss

Brent Chinnock

Thomas Dancer

Paul Davidsaver

Leif Evensen

Jonathan Gero

Blaise Gratton

Peter Halquist

Ken Jewel

Micah Kearns

Emily Lewis

Jeremy McMahon

Sarah Otten

Fritz Prenn

Joe Ricker

Sarah Schooler

Tulika Singh

Ella Stutz

Larissa Walder


Kaitlyn Boss

Tom Huibregste

Jeff Seaton

Ian Walter


Air Temp
Water Temp

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