Education Committee Meeting #8-3/25/10


  • Justin Cherniak
  • Dan Siedlecki
  • Jeremy McMahon
  • Chas Kenyon
  • Erica Dederich (notetaker)
  • Tom Barry
  • Dan Jenkins
  • Andy Marin
  • Brian Biehl
  • Matt Hemke
  • Pete Mooney
  • Jonathan Gapen
  • JoAnn Long
  • Randy Mullis
  • Brad Strock
  • Barry Rokusek
  • John Goebel


  • Meeting commenced at 8:05pm
  • Agenda approved
  • Minutes were approved with minor changes to attendees
  • Discussion commenced at 8:13pm
  • Justin presents Keelboat Progress Form (attached) and correlations to ASA certification
    • Discussion
    • Brian motions (Tom seconds) to table approving the suggested progress forms until the next meeting when updated with recommended changes.
      • Motion passes: 10 for, 2 against, 0 abstentions
  • Discussion of unifying keelboat and J-fleet checklists at 8:46
    • General agreement with the idea of a unified checklist system
    • Decision to table further discussion until next meeting with more time to compare proposed and current requirements
  • Suggestion of teaching Basic Keelboat lesson on Knotty Rascal at 8:57
    • Discussion
    • Committee decides not to include Knotty for the time being
  • Unifying prerequisites for Js and Keelboats
    • Justin moves (Tom seconds) to require either a Badger Sloop rating or the completion to the Introduction to Keelboat Sailing course before moving onto the keelboats.
      • Discussion
      • Motion fails: 1 for, 16 against, 2 abstentions
  • Tom suggests implementing paid instruction on keelboats barring available volunteer instruction at 9:20
    • Discussion
    • Tom motions (Randy seconds) to proceed with allowing paid instruction on keelboats under the following conditions:
      • The Education Committee creates a curriculum for stewardship for all fleets and discusses penalty enforcement and safety practices
      • Complete preference remains for volunteer instruction for scheduling purposes.
      • All student employees are rated and qualified on the boats on which they are teaching.
      • During the week of July 25, the committee will reconvene to reevaluate this policy
      • Motion passes: 10 for, 1 against, 4 abstain
  • Brian motions (Andy seconds) to adjourn at 10:23.
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J-Fleet Checklists - Original.xls 33.5 KB
J-Fleet Checklists - Revised based on meeting feedback.xls 48 KB


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