In Attendance

Brad Strock, Commodore

Randy Mullis, J Fleet Captain

Jeremy McMahon, 420/Team Co-Rep

Margaux Stutz, 420/Team Co-Rep

Ian Buck, Laser Fleet Captain

Justin Cherniak, Education Rep

Rich Pang, Windsurfing Fleet Captain

Michelle Czarnecki, Scow Fleet Captain

Jesse Pffamater, Shop Rep

Andy Marin, Development Chair

Nick Kratzke, Tech/Sloop Fleet Captain

Hayley Abbott, Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Micah Kearns, Marketing Chair

Dan Siedlecki, Keelboat Fleet Captain

Also Present:

Jim Rogers, Hoofer Advisor

Don Hanna, Guest


Meeting starts at 8:17pm

Minutes approved, agenda approved

Commodore’s Report

-Budget approved by council with some changes, typo with insurance claim, we should add ‘narrative’ as to what sailing club is and why exists in budget, Phil and Brad will be putting together, let know if you want to see the new official budget

-Hiring Committee commencing interviews this Saturday

ASA Certification

-how going to implement in club will be subject of Education Committee meetings

-looking for tonight: how to move forward with talks with ASA

-If interested in learning more about what the ASA is, send an email to Justin. Slide show presented.

-budget revisions requested; ‘flow through’ accounts; potentially applying for grant to make up some of the initial fees

Justion moves, as recommended by the Education Committee on February 25, 2010, to give the Head of Instruction and Education Representative the authority to begin negotiations to affiliate our club with the American Sailing Association and to amend the FY10 and FY11 budgets as attached.

Randy seconds

-the motion goes to question and answer, then to discussion

For: 11

Against: 0

Abstain: 2

Motion passes

Brief discussion of upcoming Education meeting agendas, meeting at 8:00pm

Sailing Shop Co-Director

-in past, Shop Director has been a co-director position. Both Jesse and Jake believe co-director option is the way to go

-would like to hire Zach Lieth as co-director

-Jake and Zach want to set precedent for future of Shop

-Jim recommends reviewing position description beforehand

Jesse moves to re-instate the Shop co-director position thus hiring Zach Vieth as the other co-director of the Shop with the stipulation that there be no more than 40 hours worked at the shop director position at the shop director wage in a given week.

Margaux seconds

For: 11

Against: 0

Abstain: 2

Motion passes

Union Arts Exhibit

-we are part of WUD. Approached and wants to do exhibit on keelboats; wanted to do in early April which is improbable. Moved to early May.

-great attitude. Use projector to project animation slides on sails, have sailboats go back and front in front of the Terrace

-run from sundown until Union closes on May 7th

Dan motions to work with the WUD Arts Committee to allow them the use of our sailboats in order to facilitate their art exhibition with a tentative date of May 7th, 2010.

Micah seconds

For: 12

Against: 0

Abstain: 1

WUD Water Week

-approached Micah, 3rd week of March. Events, panels, and discussions of environmental impact of water around the world

-speaker on Friday the 26th to speak of Mendota, its history, watershed, and current condition

Micah motions that the Hoofer Sailing Club will sponsor a lecture(s) or presentation(s) on Mendota’s water quality during WUD’s Water Week 2010.

Michelle seconds

For: 11

Against: 1

Abstain: 1

Motion passes

Madison Mini-Marathon

- volunteers last year to hand out water to promote Club

- Erica would like to allow volunteers working this event to get volunteer hours; August 21st, 2010

Closing Remarks

-Education committee tomorrow

-Winter Seminar series went well, gave away $1500 charter, next in two weeks!

-Going to Boulder’s on Friday, $7, from 9:30 onward, can bring friends

-Saturday/Sunday four J’s prepped to paint

-Saturday March 21st Keelboat/J fleet/Scow? sail work party

-Sanding the chart room starting tomorrow after 10:00pm

Margaux motions to adjourn

Micah seconds

Meeting ends at 9:38pm


•New Income lines (Both FY10 and FY11)
–Member fees for ASA – $1,750
•Flow through account – covers club and member fees
•Assuming 30 members at $60/member
–Instructor training fees - $1250
•Flow through
•New expense lines (Both FY10 and FY11)
–ASA member fees - $1,350 ($45 x 30 members)
•Includes ASA fee and log book
–Instructor training fees - $1250
–ASA club fees
•FY10 – $1,250
–Includes initial affiliation fees
–Will be applying for council grant to hopefully cover $500
•FY11 - $400
–Flow through with member fees



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