Education Committee Meeting #5 - 3/4/10

  • Attendance
    • Paul Davidsaver (Hoofer President & minute taker for this meeting)
    • Brad Strock (Commodore)
    • Jeremy McMahon (Sailing Team Captain)
    • Kevin Buhr (Member)
    • Tom Barry (Head of Instruction)
    • Dan Siedlecki (Keelboat Fleet Captain)
    • Christopher Frye (J-Fleet Instruction Supervisor ’09)
    • Bryan Biehl (Instructor)
    • Dan Jenkins (Keelboat Instructor)
    • Randy Mullis (J-Fleet Captain)
    • Don Hanna (Instructor)
    • Mark Gillespie (Instructor Knotty Rascal Engineer)
    • Andy Marin (Development Chair)
    • Matt Hemke (General Member, Decoy Chief Engineer)
    • Pete Mooney (Head of Keelboat Instruction)
    • Justin Cherniak (Education Chair)
  • Agenda & Rules of the Meeting Approved
  • Review of the BOC Meeting
  • Association with ASA approved
  • Income & Expense Lines add for the program
  • $60 Fee for ASA certification: $45 to ASA (fee + logbook), $15 to help pay ASA association fee
  • ASA Library to be created for use during the class; students wouldn’t have to buy them
  • Within reason students who fail test, will not have to repay to retake the test
  • General overview of recommendations, process and reasons behind them
    • Presentation by Justin
      • Questions & Discussion Throughout
  • ASA Integration
    • Basic Keelboat
      • Covers everything of ASA 101 + Hoofer specific requirements
      • Offered on J22, J24, Capri 22, Knotty
      • Completion earns a light rating on the boat taken on after test out
        • 1-2 lessons needed for other J-fleet boat or Knotty
      • Questions – Brad chaired for this part
      • Justin: I move that we offer Basic Keelboat as four six hour lesson to be taught on the J22, J24, the Capri 22 to be open after Intro to Sailing and be required before any other Keelboat lessons except for any MYC Racing Lessons.
        • Chris: Friendly Amend to say they must pass each block before passing – Accepted by Justin
          • Randy: Second
          • Question & Answer
        • Brad: Friendly Amend to say block contents to be determined at the next Education Committee – Accepted
        • Justin: Amended to say blocks to be broken into sections equal to 24 hours
      • Justin: Move for 10 minutes of discussion (made at 9:47)
        • Brad Second
        • Motion Passes
      • Don Friendly Amended: Add Knotty Rascal to the list with a 3 hour diesel lesson – Accepted
      • Justin Amends: Requires each block to be on the same boat - Accepted
  • Motion with amendments and friendly amendments included:
    • Hoofer Sailing will offer Basic Keelboat, to be broken up into blocks equaling 24 hours; content of blocks will be set at a later meeting. Students are required to pass each block on the same boat before passing. The lessons are to be taught on the J22, J24, Capri 22, Knotty Rascal (requires 3 hour diesel lesson) after taking Intro to Sailing. This lesson would be required before any other Keelboat lessons except for any MYC Race Lessons.
      • Motion Passes
  • Meeting Adjourns


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