Board Members Present:

Micah Kearns, Marketing and PR Chair, Paid Instructor

Rich Pang, Windsurfing Fleet Captain, Paid Instructor

Phil Wittig, Treasurer, Paid Shop Staff

Dierk Polzin, Racing Coordinator

Jeremy McMahon, Team and 420 Co-Rep, Paid Instructor

Andy Marin, Development Chair, Paid Instructor

Randy Mullis, J Fleet Captain, Volunteer Instructor

Gabe Segal, Volunteer Webmaster

Michelle Czarnecki, Scow Fleet Captain and Secretary, Paid Instructor

Margaux Stutz, Team and 420 Co-Rep, Paid Instructor

Justin Cherniak, Education Rep, Paid Instructor

Erica Dederich, Vice Commodore, Volunteer Instructor

Brad Strock, Commodore

Jesse Pffamater, Shop Rep

Nick Kratzke, Tech/Sloop Fleet Captain, Paid Instructor

Dan Siedlecki, Keelboat Fleet Captain, Volunteer Instructor

Other Present:

Jen Limbach, VP Finance

Drew Kozlak, Hoofer Marketing Chair

Jim Rogers, Hoofer Advisor, Volunteer Instructor

Tom Barry, Head of Instruction

Chris Frye, Paid Instructor

Dan Fink, Sailing Club Member

Matt Duerst, Sailing Club Member, Volunteer Instructor

Paul Davidsaver, Hoofer President, Paid Instructor

Minutes Approved

Agenda Approved

Council Elections (3-minute speeches; Q&A)

  • Jen Limbach, running for Hoofer President
  • Drew Kozlak, running for Hoofer President
  • Justin Cherniak, running for Hoofer President
    • Questions
      • How will you increase all Hoofer membership?
      • What was your biggest issue in dealing with others and how did you overcome it?
      • What is your view of previous work on new Union and how do you plan to get the ball rolling in the future?
      • How would you plan on getting alumni support?

New Webmaster

  • brought on to alleviate some pressure on Justin
  • He is looking forward to it, if board has ideas talk to Gabe
  • Justin will still be handling Lessons website

Commodore’s Report

  • Meetings will move back to 8:30pm (~10:30pm)
  • Sailor Social was last Wednesday; success except for Brad who does not know how to tie eight knots. Shame!
  • Pig Roast is off; pork loin sandwiches instead. Still looking for volunteers next Sunday
  • Tech in Fountain next Wednesday 21st, need people to help there and at booth
  • Shop position posted, Hiring Committee has not met yet
  • From Council:
    • Coming Monday/Tuesday Biking for Banff; looking for Volunteers
    • All Campus Party next Wednesday, the 21st
    • If can help, talk or email Erica
    • Council Elections Friday until noon; Hoofer Awards due Thursday
    • Online sign up for clubs might launch Friday

Education Committee

  • Safety Rule Updates
    • Revised for updates, needs to put in new Ground School manuals
    • Discussion on appropriateness of docking at non-Hoofer piers; further decision to be based upon Board of Captains approval and discretion
      • Vote: To keep wording of safety rule #5
        • For: 11, Against: 1, Abstain: 1
    • Major change with enforcing of rules; gave instructors more power

Justin moves to approve the Safety rules as attached.

Michelle seconds

For: 11

Against: 1

Abstain: 1


Justin moves that Bytes be placed on the same level on the flowcharts as 420s, sloops, and lasers.

For: 12

Against: 0

Abstain: 1

    • J-Ratings, Keelboat Crew Sheets
      • correspondence with ASA Certification; if BOC members want to order an ASA book talk to Justin
      • major change: tracking whether skills are learned on each boat
      • Justin thanks everyone who came to the Education Meetings. You made this happen.

Justin moves to accept the checklist for the J-22, J-24, Capri, J-29 light as attached with authority delegated to Justin to make minor grammatical changes and update the ASA pages.

Margaux seconds

For: 12

Against: 0

Abstain: 1

      • Discussion of crew rating for Keelboats; if do basics on one boat it will carry over to others

Justin moves as approved by the Education Committee to delegate authority to the Education Chair to rewrite the keelboat checklists such that the basic and general skills transfer between the J-fleet and all keelboats and that the cruising skills transfer between ASA 101 and the cruising keelboats. The boat specific sections will remain the same. The above mentioned skills will be based on the J-fleet checklists.

Randy seconds

For: 11

Against: 0

Abstain: 2

Keelboat Update

  • Fred Petillo lead role for Lift-In, very much appreciated. Dan is taking charge of pre-planning
  • Planning meeting next Thursday, April 22nd. Will staff different stations
  • All boats on Union Terrace by Friday, Will Gluen (?) transportation; drivers taken care of
  • Rain date is Sunday, May 2nd

Alumni Sailing

Justin moves that any previous member of the Club who left in good standing can return and day sail our boats for a fee of $25 per day pending boat availability and following current safety rules. If they have been a member since 2003 and have ratings in our database, they can use those ratings to verify sailing ability. If they were a member before that date or do not have ratings in the system, they can schedule a test out with an instructor for additional $5 fee or be authorized to sail by the Head of Instruction.

Michelle seconds

For: 11

Against: 0

Abstain: 2


  • Three half-designed t-shirts to be completed over weekend
  • Erica makes Micah have goal of making Board t-shirts by May 15th
  • No set graphic standards/identities…many groups do. Let’s get some.

Upcoming Events

  • Karoke this upcoming Friday
  • Hoofer Awards due tomorrow
  • Vote for Council
  • Tech in Fountain: talk to Erica if interested
  • J-fleet work party this weekend
  • Spring Kick-off May 4th
  • First outside social May 14th

Closing Remarks

  • Jim congratulates on getting a lot done over winter,

Brad motions to adjourn meeting

Michelle seconds

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 pm.

Safety Rules attachment:

J Fleet Checklists:


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