In Attendance:
Rich Pang, Windsurfing Fleet Captain
Kalie Johnson, Outreach Coordinator
Randy Mullis, J Fleet Captain
Dan Siedlecki, Keelboat Captain
Michelle Czarnecki, Scow Fleet Captain
Justin Cherniak, Education Chair
Erica Deidederich, Vice Commodore
Brad Strock, Commodore
Micah Kearns, PR and Marketing Chair (9:11am)

Also in Attendance:
John Goebel, instructor
Jim Rogers, Advisor
Brad Dober, Sailing Team Member
Jane Foster, Windsurfing Fleet Captain

Meetings begins at 8:41pm

Minutes Approved


  • Council will be trying to come next meeting
  • Adding fiscal conversations to Commodore’s Report
  • Move Head of Instruction Report to end
  • Removing Provisional Rating Discussion
  • Discussion of Shop Co-Directors
    Agenda Approved

    Commodore’s Report (8:43pm)

  • Nationals ending spectacularly.
  • Trail Ride
  • only 10 can go… next Wednesday
  • Hoofer Extravaganza
  • Erica looking for skippers to give free sails
  • Summer Kick-Off will be 14th, 15th of June
  • T-shirts
  • For BOC members and council, shirts will be sold at cost
  • Micah does have list of people to pay for shirts if they can’t make it to the OPO
  • Special Event Capacity for Pirate’s Day passed
  • Two planning committee meetings this year
  • 12 teams this year. T-shirts in on Friday, $15 for members in advance
  • June 19th, 2010
  • Non-refundable deposits for Conference Sailing to be implemented
  • ASA Update
  • ongoing between Dave Lumian who is representing ASA and UW Purchasing regarding changes to affiliate agreement.
  • Goal: to be ready by end of June, get boats Coast-Guard investigated before then. Tentative dates for site evaluation and instructor clinic are June 25-27.
  • Concerns aired about Pirate’s Day and the condition of the J’s as a result
  • Shop Co-directors
  • Phil accepted a job outside of Hoofers, will still attempt to be our Treasurer, will probably no longer be able to be Shop Co-Director
  • Matt Barron has been doing an excellent job
  • One month until fiscal year end
  • Look at budgets and start figuring out what you’re going to do at the end of the fiscal year
  • Make sure you order things as early as possible to avoid potential for it being shouldered to next years’ budget

    Storage at the Farm (9:11pm)

  • Proposed to Tom Wright to be able to keep 20x25 area for J and Keel equipment in order to take care of boats during the winter
  • Some sails will be stored out there
  • Incredibly useful due to lowcost (retail space much, much more)
  • Jim will forward Ag Research Agreement to Brad and Dan to put in changes
  • Tom really glad we cleaned up—lucky to have him
    Dan motions to approve to alter the storage agreement at the Ag Research Farm to include summer storage pending the approval of Phil after looking at the budget.
    Nick seconds
    For: 7
    Against: 0
    Abstain: 2
    Motion passes

    Safety Inspection Report

  • Diane Kiesel gave detailed list of requirements for boats of a certain size
  • Out of town for two weeks; need to set this up ahead of time with her
  • Dan asked chief engineers to go through their own keelboats
  • Dan went out and bought all the missing pieces
  • FOCUS: 12% of budget spent on safety items. PLEASE take care of them.
  • Soma’s engine
  • Condensation got into the oil in the engine, making it milky. Must change oil, but so thick overheated pump and fried the circuits
  • Randy’s Update
  • All boats but Shaken operational…forestay on Capri installed, but not the roller furling system
  • June 12, 13 for ASA examination
  • Back into sequence of checking ring-dings?

    Head of Instruction Board Evaluation (9:32pm)
    Erica moves to go into a Closed Session for Discussion of Performance Data and Compensation of Employee per Wis. Stat. 19.85(c)
    Michelle seconds
    Passed by acclimation


    Justin moves to reconvene open session.
    Erica seconds.
    Motion passes by acclimation.
    Move back into open session (11:39pm)

    Justin moves to approve the 9 month evaluation of Tom Barry in his role as Head of Instruction.
    Michelle seconds

    Motion passes by acclimation

    Upcoming Events: Erica (11:41pm)

  • Pirate’s Day June 19th, 2010
  • Summer Kick-Off June 14th, 2010
  • Please show up!

    Rich motions to adjourn.
    Micah seconds.
    Motion passes by acclimation.

    Meeting ends at 11:44pm.

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