The club has over eighty watercraft of many different types, each with their own role within the club. Below is a listing of the various fleets found at Hoofers:

Badger Techs

Single-handed dinghies, not to mention the most common boat in the club fleet, painted in easily recognizable orange and yellow.


HiFly Mambos and Motions, Bic Prodigies, Bic Technos, and an elite fleet of shortboards make the sport fun for windsurfers at all levels.

Lasers and Bytes

Single-handed dinghies which are designed for high-performance, one-design racing.

Club 420s

Two-handed dinghies used both for daysailing and racing.

Badger Sloops

Custom-built, 18' day-sailing boats good for friends, grandparents, and picnics.

Scows ( E-Scows, C-Scows, and MC-Scows)

High-performance inland racing boats for two to five sailors. The E-Scow is Hoofer's fastest sailboat.

Light Keelboats

Small keelboats designed for daysailing or racing. They bring a balance between smaller race boats and larger keelboats.

Racing Keelboats

Heavy keelboats designed for racing on the Great Lakes. Our current fleet includes three Tartan 10s.

Cruising Keelboats

Heavy keelboats designed for cruising on the Great Lakes. Spray, Salam and Knotty Rascal currently compose this fleet.

Snow Kiting

A winter sport offered by Hoofers in which a rider, on skis or snowboard, uses a specialized kite to propel themself across the frozen lake.