Photo courtesy of Dierk Polzin

Photo courtesy of Dierk Polzin

Photo courtesy of Dierk Polzin

The light keelboat fleet is composed of six boats representing four different designs. These boats are, thanks to their keel, more stable than small dinghies yet still fast and responsive. Designed as racers and daysailers, they are a great place to begin learning big boat racing skills.

Capri 22: Cap

The Capri 22 was introduced in 1983 as a high-performance family racer/cruiser that could be trailer-sailed or kept dockside. Designed by Gary Mull (of America's Cup lineage) and Frank Butler, it was intended to be Catalina Yacht's answer to the highly successful J-24. More than 1,000 Capri 22s have been built in the last 20 years. The CP22 has proven to be a stable, safe boat, yet one that is fast and fun to sail.

J/22s: Shaken and Stirred

The J/22 class attests to being: "One of best sailing boat they've ever been on, including other J's. It's responsive, safe and stable thanks to its fixed lead keel, while still as much fun to sail with main only as it is to plane under spinnaker in 18+ knots of wind."

Since its introduction in 1983, the J/22 has blossomed into an International class now with 1550+ boats sailing in 65 fleets in 18 countries. On the merits of its sailing characteristics, widespread popularity and small crew number (3-4), J/22's continue to be an integral part of the Hoofer's fleet.

J/24s: 007 and Scurvy Dog

Whether your style is weeknight beer-can racing or competing on the world stage; the J/24 is undeniably the most popular racing keelboat to make waves around the world. This appealing keelboat started with one man's desire for a sailboat to accommodate his family and to be a competitive racer. Twenty-seven years later, the J/24 has become a legend. A stable sailboat for family togetherness, the J/24 has also been the competitive launch pad for the careers of numerous America's Cup professionals.

While some of the world's best sailors have the latest version J/24, a well-prepared 1977 model, built to the same shape and weight with rigid end-grained balsa core construction can still win the J/24 Class world championship even after 30,000+ miles of trailering. That's "One Design" racing! The International J/24 is presently built in the U.S., Argentina and Italy and has more than 50,000 people sailing 5,200 boats in 27 countries.

O'Day 25: Mystique, Cinger and TBT

Originally built in 1975, the O'Day 25 measures at just shy of 25 feet and is one of two light swing keel craft currently in our fleet. People who have sailed this boat remark about her spacious interior and ease sail of handling. by pulling up her swing keel, you can get close to shore than most would expect and gain speed some when heading downwind.

Mystique is one of the vessels in our fleet with a furling jib, making it easy to get just the right amount of jib no matter the wind, not to mention making derigging a breeze.

Ericson 25: Margaret

First built in 1973, the Ericson 25 is the second light swing keel craft in our fleet. Featuring a heavier keel than the O'day 25 and a slightly more spacious cabin, this boat is great for your day or night cruising sessions.

Margaret is a new addition to our fleet as of 2013 and we are very happy to have her. Margaret has been slightly modified from her original specs as her original keel has been replaced with a lighter version. This means that she is not a heavy winds vessel, but still makes for a wonderful pleasure cruiser.

Thanks for the Memories

The following boats have been retired from the J-Fleet:
J-24:Estrella, Flying Monkey and Off-Call
J-29: Executor
Capri-22: Onward Bound

For more information regarding the J-fleet, Check out the J-Fleet Manual or contact its fleet captain..


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