Decoy is a 1981 New York 36 built by Schock Boat Builders. She draws 6' 4" of water and displaces 10,500 lbs. She is equipped primarily as a racer, particularly for long-distance races, and was raced competitively out of Chicago, IL for nine years before her former owners donated the boat to Hoofers in Fall 2008. Her hull is designed to the IOR Rule, with special modifications to improve her surfing performance when experiencing big waves from the stern.

Lessons on Decoy will focus primarily on performance racing, seamanship, and dynamics of a large crew. She will also participate in the Mendota Yacht Club (MYC) racing. Anyone rated as a Skipper on Decoy can skipper her for the races, and anyone who is interested in learning how to crew on a race boat can be race crew on Decoy.

She is rigged for symmetrical spinnaker with dip-pole jibes. She has a fractional rig, and a full suite of racing and cruising sails.

Lessons on Decoy are open to students of any level.

If you have any questions or comments about Decoy, contact the keelboat fleet captain.


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