Soma-the most recognizable boat on the lake

Soma (a.k.a. The Cow Boat)

Soma (Mull 34) was designed and built in 1975 for racing the Great Lakes under the International Offshore Rule (IOR). She came to the Hoofer Sailing Club as a gift in 1989, valued at $60,000! The late Gary Mull designed Her, and the Hazebrook family of Detroit, MI donated Her to the Club in 1989 after racing Her on Lakes Huron and Michigan. Soma's hull from bow to stern is 34 feet long. Her trailering weight is approximately 12,000 pounds. She finished sixth in her division in the 1987 Chicago Mac Race, 4 spots behind the now-Hoofer boat "Toy Boat."

Those who have sailed smaller boats will notice a difference in the stability of the deck because of the fixed, lead keel. Rigging also differs. Learning to rig Her will teach you a great deal about sailing principles and safety as you find your progress makes you capable to consort with world-class sailors everywhere. Sailors from Saratoga to Shanghai will know what you mean when you say, "I can, at all positions, perform a dip-pole gybe on a Mull 34." They may even know of Soma. Soma's cow spots resulted from a dedicated group of Hoofers painting Her in the dead of night without official permission. They created a Wisconsin icon, as well as demonstrating the camaraderie, spirit and sense of humor of those who learn to sail Her to this day at the Wisconsin Union.

Lessons on Soma will focus primarily on performance racing, seamanship, and dynamics of a large crew. Beginner sailors are welcome on all lessons and races! No experience necessary! Beginner sailors are welcome on all lessons and races! No experience necessary! She also participates in the Mendota Yacht Club (MYC) racing. Anyone rated as a Skipper on Soma can skipper her for the races, and anyone who is interested in learning how to crew on a race boat can be race crew on Soma.

What is Soma?

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