So you have been sailing one of our loveable Badger Tech’s for a while now? Are you looking for a bit more adventure and speed, but really enjoy sailing a single-crew sailboat? Then a Laser or Byte is just the boat for you!

The Laser is a 14’ one-design racing dinghy has a huge sail area to weight ratio, making the boat very agile and quick. This design provides a more challenging (but don’t worry almost anyone can learn to sail one!) and fun sailing experience than most small dinghies! Designed in the late 60’s and introduced in 1971, the boat’s speed and aggressive behavior quickly made it popular with dinghy sailors all over the world.

The Byte is a small and fast sailing dinghy sailed by one person. It is basically a Laser for smaller people. The Byte is designed for sailors weighing 120 to 145 lb although most sailors weighing 90 to 160 lb should have no problems sailing this boat.

Our Byte fleet was funded by a large donation by John Kirssh, who loved to sailed them since he was too thin to sail Lasers properly in heavy winds. He though we should have a fleet for youth and lighter men and women that was as fun and educational as the Lasers.

Peaked your interest? That’s good, because we will be sailing Lasers and Bytes all summer long! Take a lesson, get your rating, and come out and race with us! Lessons and Racing schedule will be posted on the Hoofer’s Lessons Webpage..

For more information on the Laser check out: North American Laser Class
For a guide on how to rig a laser check out: Laser Rigging Guide from Vanguard

For a guide on how to rig a C2 class byte check out: Byte Rigging and Sailing manual from PS2000 (manufacturer) Just looking for a quick recap, or don't have much time? Check out this byte rigging video.

For more information regarding the Laser or Byte fleet, contact its fleet captain..