Here at Hoofers, the Scow Fleet consists of a number of E-scows, C-scows and MC-Scows. Built as a performance boat, the scows are particularly fun for those interested in racing and becoming a competitive sailor. However, due to their size, many people enjoy sailing the scows at Hoofers for fun, the most popular being either the C-scow or the E-scow. Scows can be sailed with a variety of people on board, the most common number being two and going up to five. Come and check out the Scow Fleet for all your racing interests if you're down at the Lakefront!

For more general information regarding the Scow fleet, Check out the Scow Manual.
For more information on racing the Scow fleet, check out the Hoofer Scow Racing Manual.
If you still find your thirst for knowledge unsated, feel free to contact the Scow fleet captain..