Make sure you check out all of the great events the Hoofer Sailing Club has to offer throughout the year:

  • Friday Night Socials: Friday socials are the place to be in Madison every Friday night! Meet friends down by the lakefront during the summer, or keep an ear out for our various Winter Socials throughout our down season!

  • Pirate's Day: A day-long celebration in June that celebrates the pirates before us! Dress up in pirate garb, search for hidden treasure, and try not to put another sunken ship on the bottom of Lake Mendota!

  • Commodore's Cup: A week-long celebration at the end of July to celebrate a year of service from our wonderful Commodore, and to encourage racing amongst our members. For this event, sailors are divided into teams and compete in various racing events as well as other traditional activities throughout the week to win the coveted Commodore's Cup trophy.