C-Cup Racing Antics

Commodore's Cup is a 9-day activity that typically takes place during the third week of July to celebrate both the sailing and social aspects of the club.

All participants and divided into teams that create their own team name and nautical theme. Team names of the past include the Blue-Green Algae Blooms, The Punta Armada, and the Tech-nomaniacs.

Teams compete for points in a variety of races and competitions, with the winner getting their team and names inscribed on the mighty Commodore's Cup Trophy. Races occur on almost every fleet, including the windsurfing fleet, encouraging new racers and seasoned races to enter and test their skills against other club members. Some of the competitions in the past have included the greased watermelon, the Sardine Race, the Sloop Egg competition (tape an egg to the front of a Badger Sloop and see how well you can land the boat without breaking the egg), and the famous All-Fleets Race, where the teams race all boats featured in the Hoofer fleet.

Each night features a different social event, starting with a themed dinner that the teams put on. The entire competition culminates with the Commodore's Ball--a formal dance held in the Great Hall in Memorial Union with a live band playing. At the ball, the awards are handed out and the winners are announced.

Will you get your name inscribed on the Cup?

Commodore's Parade