Enjoying the food!

Every Friday night, the Hoofer Sailing Club hosts a social for its members. The socials are a great place to meet other sailors, get to know the Board of Captains and instructors, and have a great start to your Friday evening!

During the warmer months (usually May through October) socials are held on the lakefront with fleet racing, food, drinks, music, warm summer breezes, beautiful sunsets, and evening cruises. During these summer socials, the club provides a meal to club members and their guests for free (although a donation is always appreciated). These socials help to promote conversations between all members and increase the opportunities to explore the lake with new friends.

During the winter, socials change format and are composed of different events. One of the more popular Winter Socials is our Game Night, during which members are free to bring whatever game they wish to play down to the Hoofer Lounge, where a warm fire and snacks sustain gamers.

Working at the Friday night socials during the summer is a great way to earn back your work deposit. You can easily earn four hours simply by helping cook, set up, and clean up. The best part is, you'll still get to socialize with all of the other sailors!