When you join the club, your membership fee includes two separate work hour deposits which cover the costs necessary to maintain the club. Every member (except those who purchase only a monthly, fall intro or winter membership) has the opportunity to earn back their work deposits by volunteering for the club. Learn how to volunteer here.

After earning your first 4 work hours, you can reclaim the first portion of your work deposit ($30). After an additional 4 hours, you can earn back the second portion of your work deposit ($30). This totals to a possible $60 you can earn back by simply giving your time to the club.

**It is important to note that you must redeem your work deposit before the membership term in which you did the work hours expires.**

If you should choose not to redeem your deposit, the funds will be donated directly to the Hoofer Sailing Club.

To check how many work hours you have earned, simply log onto your account on the lessons site.

Once you have earned either 4 or 8 work hours, simply go to the Outdoor Programs Office in the Memorial Union and ask one of the friendly workers for a refund request form. Your refund will be issued as a check to your address and will take 4-6 weeks to be processed. Unfortunately we are unable to directly reimburse the refund to your debit or credit card.

We hope in the future to have an online refund form. Check back here for details.


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